The Greek Branch provides transnational social services in collaboration with the international network of ISS. The Greek community services (regions, ministries, hospitals, etc.), non-governmental bodies and Embassies of foreign countries in Greece and the respective Foreign Services through the Branches, request the mediation of the Hellenic Branch in cases of child protection, family problems and protection of vulnerable adults for which actions of a social or other service based in a foreign country are required.

Child protection requests are usually related to:

  • conducting a social enquiry report on child protection issues
  • child custody
  • parental care
  • child abuse
  • the child’s right to communicate with a parent living abroad
  • abduction of the child by one parent
  • family reunification
  • search for documents/certificates
  • counseling support

Requests for protection of adults or/and socially vulnerable groups are usually related to:

  • search for roots (from people who have been adopted transnationally and want to learn about their biological family and get in touch with it or from individuals/families looking for their biological relatives who have been adopted)
  • search for certificates, medical/legal/educational documents and other supporting documents abroad
  • repatriation issues
  • issues of protection of people with physical and mental health problems
  • counseling support