The International Social Service (ISS) is a Non-Governmental Organization consisting of 140 Branches-Representatives worldwide. The Hellenic Branch is a founding member of the International Social Service and one of the first to operate internationally.

The transnational child protection alongside the intercountry adoptions, the search for roots and the counseling of intercultural families are the four main axes of specialization of the Hellenic Branch of ISS.

Our main purpose and vision is to protect, defend the rights and provide assistance to individuals and families, whose members have split into two or more countries due to voluntary or forced movement, migration or displacement and are facing social, family, psychological, legal problems of the transnational nature.

The ISS-Hellenic Branch is the only Non-Governmental Organization, among the recognized and certified Bodies, for the handling of intercountry adoptions (Presidential Decree 226/99).

The protection of children internationally is the main concern of the Organization both through intercountry affairs as well as intercountry adoptions.