–  I am a prospective single parent. Can I adopt?

Yes. The Hellenic civil code allows adoption by a single parent. At the same time, however, the legislation of the child’s country of origin should be taken into consideration.

–  I am interested in adopting and I am a mother/father of biological children, can I adopt?

Yes. Having biological children does not exclude a person from being able to adopt.

– I live abroad but I am interested in adopting transnationally from Greece. How can I start the adoption process?

Prospective adoptive parents, regardless of their nationality, are evaluated at their place of permanent residence.

– How long does it take to complete an intercountry adoption?

Greek law stipulates that the evaluation of PAPs must be completed within six months of the submission and approval of the required supporting documents. The time required to complete the procedures varies depending on the legislation in force in the countries to which the application for intercountry adoption is submitted.

– Can I apply for national and intercountry adoption at the same time?

Yes. There is no limit.