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Athens, Greece, 1stJune 2020


«Practices and perspectives in intercountry adoptions»

The Hellenic Branch of the International Social Service (ISS) has recently started to conduct an important research in the field of the intercountry adoptions in Greece, attempting to explore a field that up to this day remains basically uncharted.

The research, which is part of the «Practices and perspectives in intercountry adoptions» project, is realized within the framework of the Active citizens fund program and it is implemented by the International Social Service-Hellenic Branch. The main goal of the research is to investigate thoroughly the practices and obstacles in the actualization of the intercountry adoptions that are conducted in Greece, covering the years 2011-2019.

The research will be conducted with the use of questionnaires that will be completed by a number of parents that have already adopted children transnationally and by professionals that are working in the competent public authorities in the field of intercountry adoptions in Greece.

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