The International Council functions as the General Assembly of the Global Network of the International Social Service.

The Governing Board is the control body of I.S.S.

The General Secretariat based in Geneva, is the operational structure of I.S.S. and manages its activities. It consists of the administration department, the intercountry development and cooperation department, and the reference center on legislation and the good and bad practices in international adoption, as well as the protection of children's rights to alternative care. It is managed by the General Secretary, who is appointed by the Governing Committee to which he refers.

The Professional Advisory Committee provides professional views and decisions of the expert Managers of the Branches and voices proposals for the Governing Committee and the International Council.

Coordinators at national level have the role of managing intercountry child protection cases and other vulnerable groups and coordinating social worker groups –alongside the PAC.


I.S.S. consists of:

20 National Branches and cooperative Services coordinated by the General Secretariat in Geneva and

120 Representatives worldwide.

The Hellenic Branch of the International Social Service is managed by a 9-member Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly of members and represented on the International Council of the Organization by the Chairman of the Board, and the Director of the Branch. Board members are unpaid and voluntary.

Its scientific staff is specialized and with multidimensional professional experience. It provides services to Greeks and to any interested party who needs social services of the intercultural or the transnational character.

The composition of the Administrative Board of the I.S.S. is as follows:

Ioanna Segditsa – President / Professor of Microbiology

Ioanna Veleri Triantafyllou – First Vice President / Biochemist

Baitzar Gazerian – Second Vice President / Social Work Professor

Anna A. Tsagogiorga – General Secretary / Philologist

Vasiliki Theodoropoulou – Financial officer / Economist

Margarita Barmakelli – Member / Social Worker

Maria Papathanasiou – Member/ Social Work Professor

Georgia Papachristou – Member / Social Worker

Anna I. Tsagogiorga -Member / Lawyer

Eleni Argyriadou –  Alternate Member / Social Anthropologist

Sofia Lamprinidou – Alternate Member / Bank Clerk